2.6. - "A Clear Goal"

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2.6. - "A Clear Goal"

Postby Gregory » 02 Jun 2013, 15:57

  • Jugger Not
  • We Had It All Along *cough*
  • City Defender
  • Wrath of the Horde / Wrath of the Alliance
  • Supreme Defender
  • maybe Soaring Spirits
  • Not In My House

The orange marked achievements will be deleted (with progress) due to their state before fix and disable - they were randomly achieved during gameplay.

  • Consecration (paladin) damage
  • Summon Infernal (warlock) - Immolation AoE buff. Please, test damage amount.
  • Anti-magic Shell (DK) will not absorb more than it should. Also generate runic power only when has talent
  • Gargoyle Strike (DK, gargoyle pet) attempt to fix damage amount. Please, test it.

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