Server's maintenance / Čistka postav

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Server's maintenance / Čistka postav

Postby Teu » 14 Feb 2012, 10:09

To improve/fix recent latency issues (lags), the server will be undergoing regular automatic maintenance each CE(S)T "morning" according to the following schedule:

(all times are in CET (UTC+1) during winter, CEST (UTC+2) during summer)

At 5:45 AM, a shutdown event is issued, countdown 10 minutes. If the server crashes during this countdown, it is NOT re-started.
At 5:55 AM the server should exit. There's some after-crash stuff that takes time to finish before the server is actually down, hence the 10 minute countdown instead of 15 minutes.
At 6:00 AM the server should be completely shut down and the maintenance script kicks in. This script performs database cleanup, optimization and backup - in that order. After that, the game server is started up.

The entire procedure takes about 30-35 minutes (counting from 6:00 AM) and is done during the least active (player-count-wise) time period.

We apologize for this downtime, which might be annoying for players outside of Europe, but it might be necessary to keep the server "lag free" during heavy loads.

NOTE to GMs: There's a safety override which will hard-kill any game-server-related processes at 6:00 AM, .server shutdown cancel is therefore rendered ineffective.


Ve zkratce i v češtině: každé ráno bude server ukončen a budou na něm spuštěny skripty na údržbu databáze a dalších věcí. Server bude offline od 5:55 ráno do cca 6:35

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