17.8. - "Caroline"

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17.8. - "Caroline"

Postby Gregory » 17 Aug 2016, 22:56

  • Riptide (shaman) should be consumed on Chain Heal primary targets only (Bug #1601)
  • Beacon of Light (paladin) won't be cancelled by Cyclone-like effects (Bug #1281)
  • Shield Specialization (warrior) will generate rage after spell reflection (Bug #315)
  • Tinkers should be properly stacked with other permanent enchantments (Bug #344)
  • Vengeance (all tanking classes) - completelly reworked mechanic to reflect 4.3 patch notes (Bug #201)
  • Empowered Touch (druid) effect will now properly gain Replenishment effect when combined with Revitalize (Bug #1447 - second note)
  • Originally negative spells casted on friendly targets (Dispel Magic and similar) should never miss (Bug #1462)
  • Mind Sear (priest) won't be resisted when applied on friendly target (Bug #1548)
  • Shadow Orbs (priest) can now be stolen using Spellsteal (mage) (Bug #647)
  • Infected wounds (druid) can now be applied on bosses or other creatures with similar immunities (Bug #506)
  • Anti-magic Shell (death knight) won't grant complete immunity to spells with direct damage and harmful aura effect, just the specific effect (i.e. Moonfire direct damage will hit the target, but DoT effect won't be applied) (Bug #637)

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