16.8. - "Fresh Wind"

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16.8. - "Fresh Wind"

Postby Gregory » 17 Aug 2016, 01:42

  • Healthstone (warlock) should now consider caster's critical chance (Bug #1206)
  • Spellsteal (mage) should now steal separate stacks (of i.e. Lifebloom) instead of whole auras (Bug #436)
  • Empowered Touch (druid) should no longer reduce healing amount of Lifebloom (Bug #1447)
  • Inquisition (paladin) should now properly work with Divine Purpose (3 HP base without holy power removal) (Bug #270)
  • Tidal Wave (shaman) should no longer be dropped when fake-casting any affected spell (Bug #1501)
  • Slice and Dice (rogue) should now have proper duration when combined with Glyph of Slice and Dice and Improved Slice and Dice talent (Bug #596)
  • many minor and internal changes

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