28.7. - "Summer Feelings"

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28.7. - "Summer Feelings"

Postby Gregory » 29 Jul 2016, 01:32

  • Attempt to slightly rework and generalize emotes and stand state handling - i.e. when NPC is in some emote state (is working, sleeps, ..), it should drop the state when entering combat to avoid glitches
  • Compare Achievements should now work properly (Bug #1600)
  • Banish (warlock) should now cancel the effect on repeated cast (instead of reporting "immune" outcome) (Bug #857)
  • Capture time for banners in Arathi Basin and Battle for Gilneas was reduced to 7 seconds down from 8. (Bug #741)
  • When capturing node in AB or BfG, glowing effect around the banner should appear during capturing "cast"
  • Arcane Potency (mage) should now properly affect Arcane Missiles (Bug #476)
  • You can now properly reforge items with random enchantment (Bug #954)
  • Improved Polymorph (mage) - reworked mechanism, should now properly work with all kind of spells (Bug #872)
  • Guild titles should now be properly displayed in guild tag to you and your guildmates ( http://wow.gamepedia.com/Guild_reputation - "Guild titles") (Bug #1213)

Please, report all related bugs to bugtracker.

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