29.6. - "Combusti-off"

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29.6. - "Combusti-off"

Postby Amaunet » 29 Jun 2016, 14:43

- Ignite - completely reworked Ignite mechanism by following rules:
- Ignite's initial application will be 4s in duration: 2 ticks, one at 2s, one at 0s. Ignite's total damage pool is divided between these two ticks.
- Any refreshes at any time will refresh ignite to 6s in(max) duration(current duration is ignite's current duration mod 2 plus 4s): 3 ticks, one at 4s, one at 2s, one at 0s. Ignite's damage pool is divided evenly between these three ticks.
- Ignite must be below 4s in current duration to accept any new refresh events.

- Bloodsurge - this buff will not drop by anything else other than Slam

- Shattrath City - accessible for all levels now
- G-Script - a lot of implementations for DB developers
- Alterac Valley - removed from RBG rotation
- Core - fixed a lot of security issues, stability-related stuff and other

All fixes already active.

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