17.6. - "In Memory of Tamagotchi"

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17.6. - "In Memory of Tamagotchi"

Postby Amaunet » 18 Jun 2015, 00:09

    • 793 / 794 / 795 Pet's stamina and health should now scale correctly with hunter.
    • 796 Pet will gain only 42.5% Attack Power of their owner. (For 4 years they had 100% and noone gave a f*ck? Seriously?)
    • 188 Pets/Mirror Images/Guardians/Totems and so on... will stop their attack if their target is under Crowd Control spell effect.
    • Pet will be unsummoned only when mounting on fly or aquatic mount.
    • Mirror Images will immediately stop casting if mage begins to cast Polymorph at theirs target.

Thanks to Scanties again because he helped me with testing.
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