13.6 - "I am gonna get you back"

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13.6 - "I am gonna get you back"

Postby Amaunet » 13 Jun 2015, 02:31

  • Spells
    • Druid - Eclipse Power system 237 reworked. As a balance druid you can go now towards lunar or solar eclipse and back and forth till you reach one. Then you can go only one way. Also some set bonus changes adapted to these situations.
      (Eclipse state will reset to zero eclipse power and no eclipse state on entering BG/Arena, Death, Ressurect, Login/Logout)
    • Druid - Fury Swipes 117 should now benefit from Savage Roar.
    • Druid - T12 2P Druid set bonus and T12 4P Druid set bonus 122 should work correctly.
    • Mage - T12 2P Mage set bonus 11 summoned Mirror Image should not interrupt owner's cast.
    • Mage - Glyph of Polymorph will work with every kind of Polymorph type. (i.e. Rabbit, Pig...)
    • Shaman - Seasoned Winds talent fixed.
    • Priest - Shadow Orbs - player will get shadow orb buff on every proc correctly, not only sometimes.
    • Paladin - Divine Purpose 822 and 1179 won`t proc from Divine Storm unless you hit at least one target.
    • Warlock - Soulburn: Seed of Corruption 163 effects should be fixed. Both: Shard gain and explosion effect.
      (Don`t mind the Soulshard Yay message, my fault I forgot it in code. Possible bug with visible aura/buff on target, will be fixed in following days 8-) )
    • Death Knight - Summon Gargoyle 126 Ebon Gargoyle will fix on target correctly, also fixed fly away animation and avoidance.

Special thanks to Onsatko and players: Scanties, Lekk, Haclya and Raynee with testing all this stuff.

Edit: Balance druids and warlocks, please be patient, I will fix these spam messages during the day. I applied wrong stash before commiting. My fault.

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