30.5. - "Long time no see"

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30.5. - "Long time no see"

Postby Amaunet » 30 May 2015, 01:36

    Hour of Twilight
  • Ready to be opened soon. (Thanks for all the help to Onsatko and Medivho)

    End Time
  • Fixed Moon Guard achievement.
  • Boss Echo of Baine will evade when too far from his spawn position.
  • Ghouls in Echo of Sylvanas encounter will despawn immidiately after her death or on evade.
  • Completely reworked Time-transit device teleportation mechanism, you won`t need to have quests anymore.

  • 968 Immolation Aura - warlock - will disappear when Metamorphosis ends, also now taken as positive aura instead of negative.
  • 852 Warlock`s Voidwalker pet ability Torment is now taken only as shadow school damage.
  • 1449 Grommash Hellscream`s spell Shockwave is now taken as debuff instead of buff.
  • 1112 Spell Ring of Frost won`t freeze target when caster of the ring is under CC. (it doesn`t apply to roots)

    Well of Eternity
  • Huge amount of work, also ready to be opened soon.

Aliquis, Greg and Mischo - Also fixed few reasons of server crashes.

Robbies - Fixed "random IK" in Deepholme

- Seafood Magnifique Feast
- Fortune Cookie - Fortune Card drop (read the text below)

Old Fortune Cookies ARE NOT GOING TO WORK. Quick solution:
- CREATE or OBTAIN newly made cookies
- take at least one cookie from this (new) stack
- put the old cookies on top of the new one(s)
- the stack of cookies created this way will work as NEW cookies, and you can use these to make the old ones work

Staré Fortune Cookies NEPŮJDOU POUŽÍT. Jak to vyřešit:
- UPEČTE nebo jinak ZÍSKEJTE nově vyrobené sušenky
- z nových sušenek dejte bokem alespoň jednu
- položte na ní staré sušenky
- takto vzniklý stack sušenek se bude chovat jako NOVĚ vyrobé sušenky, a je ho tak možné použít na další opravu starých sušenek

Dear players, please make your feedback on following "TESTING" tasks on bugzilla, so we know if it`s working or not.
Also you can update all tasks which are older than 3 months and make a comment there if it`s still not working.

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