4.8. - "Even I'm even!"

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4.8. - "Even I'm even!"

Postby Gregory » 04 Aug 2013, 18:55

  • Seal of Truth (paladin) will proc from any single target ability (and probably even if they are absorbed) (i hope you will now shut the fuck up)
  • Repentance (paladin) won't be broken by Censure effect
  • Blood Parasite (dk) will stack debuff on self and burst to heal allies after a few stacks (3-10)
  • Raid lockout table in raid interface will now show properly maps, you are bound to (including reset times) (finished encounters not yet implemented)
  • Addon UI messages will now be properly handled by server. This should allow some addons to work. Thanks to Lotert for supplying test script.

    From me ( Artisan ) :
  • Druid T12 Feral 2P Bonus will now apply fire dot equal 10 % of damage dealt

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