21.7. - "I like the way you miaow"

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21.7. - "I like the way you miaow"

Postby Gregory » 22 Jul 2013, 01:02

  • Joy Ride including the rocketway. (anyways, when I was testing that with my troll character, after entering the rocket, he was stuck in "working" emote. From behind it looked weird.. really.. weird.. so weird, that i finally got, why it's called "Joy" ride)
  • Mirror Image (mage) attempt to loose focus on targets, that are not visible/detectable by owner himself
  • Soothing Rains (shaman) - moved handler, should increase healing properly
  • Sweeping Strikes (warrior) should no longer trigger Strikes of Opportunity (mastery). Before it goes back to enabled state, it needs some testing by some GM ingame.

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