20.6. - "All glory to the hypnotoad"

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20.6. - "All glory to the hypnotoad"

Postby Gregory » 21 Jun 2013, 10:35

With arena season launch some changes came along:
  • You are now awarded 180 conquest points per arena win
  • Aliquis has been working on arena system rewrite - it should now reflect changes from retails servers.
  • Rated battlegrounds now give you rewards - achievements and conquest points per win
  • And many, many more changes...

Some spell stuff:
  • Smoke Bomb (rogue) will now break stealth
  • Invisibility (mage) - mages won't be able to see each other if they're both in Invisibility state
  • Raise Dead (dk) - if you're not unholy spec'd, then you won't be able to use the abilities
  • Camouflage (hunter) will now be broken by melee abilities (contact range, not ranged ones)

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