31.5. - "Trial of Adulthood"

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31.5. - "Trial of Adulthood"

Postby Gregory » 31 May 2013, 18:53

  • Base system for guild challenges
    • rewards not yet implemented! At first, it needs some testing.
    • also they will NOT be saved to database, so every time the server restarts, you will see 0 challenges completed.
    • all the stuff like rewards and so should be displayed in your guild interface
    • you need at least guild level 5 to participate in guild challenge
  • Probably fixed displaying of guild group indicator (you have to be in dungeon/raid/battleground to see it)
  • Arathi Basin added to 10v10 rated battleground "possible BGs" list

Please, report any bugs related to guild challenges to our bugtracker. Thank you.

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