14.5. - "Big Shocking Rocking Star"

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14.5. - "Big Shocking Rocking Star"

Postby Gregory » 14 May 2013, 20:17

Two big changes arrived to our server: battleground wargames and rated battlegrounds!

  • whole system should now work as intended
  • arenas and BGs should now work properly, just pick only the BGs/arenas, which works fine even normally

Rated battlegrounds:
  • Author of original base system: Metthal (all the research was done by him)
  • I modified the base system to reflect changes from 4.1+, including faction independency when picking opponent and so.
  • Now it's in TESTING state, so it WILL NOT give you any rewards for now
  • When we decide to open it for normal work, even with rewards, we will reset your rated BG stats (rating, wins, losses, ..)
  • Please, seriously, test this system. It's like premade battlegrounds, but you can be teleported into battle with the same faction as yours.

Please, report any related bugs to our bugtracker.

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