BM hunter PVE : Epic DPS spec!!(English Guides)

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BM hunter PVE : Epic DPS spec!!(English Guides)

Postby famri7 » 23 Jan 2013, 09:00

Hello peeps!

First of all,i know there is already a tread about BM Hunter rotation by our Tequill, here's the link :

But this one are my PVE experiences, feedbacks and additional tips,after following Tequill's( good bless you for putting up your guides:P).

Here some proofs of my dps ,as BM hunter,with my main(ATSHARA) that has item level of 362

Uploaded with

OK cut the crap!!

Here are the tips and guides

1.Deal super crazy amount of burst damage as opener.You will be the talk of recount for the first 15-20 seconds.true story.

2.Very viable in heavy movement battle, since our primary attack (Arcane Shot) is instant cast!.we can pawn MM hunts in any heavy movement battle,such as Magmaw(BWD) and Councils(BOT)

3.Secondary burst is useful for in-battle boss bubble and rapid adds killing such as Destroying arions;s bubble (BOT),killing Pheonix in Lost City 3rd boss and magmaw;s head(BWD)

4.Your pet will grant the whole raid team few useful buffs,3% damage, Roar of courage,5% crit and so on.

5. Spirit beasts helps healers by healing your tanks with spirit mend.


1. Extremely pet dependant.Pet died,you are fuc*ed.Loose 40% dps and couple of vital buffs.cant cast beastial wrath and focus fire too:(

2.AOE! need to keep your eyes on your pet health so often.Need to avoid aoe as much as you can.And heal them ASAP.

3. HUNTARDs their pets' aggro.Pet will accidently get some aggro,no mather while combat or sneaking.. Sometime it will cause an epic huntard scene. and killed the whole raid team:P

4. Starting dps with huge burst will gain a lot aggro from the target.


Your talent tree ... 113717.jpg

Ferocity Pet Talent Tree ... 220430.jpg

*from Tequill's guide*



1. Glyph of Arcane Shots (12% more damage!)
2. Glyph of KIll Shots ( Get 2 KIllshot back to back! )
3. Glyph of Rapid Fire/Serpent Sting

1. Glyph of Beastial wrath ( - 20 secs CD)
2. Glyph of Mending (60% more pet healing)
3. Glyph of Disengage ( -5 secs CD)

1 .Glyph of Feign Death ( -5 secs CD)
2. Glyph of Mend Pet ( mend pet give happiness)
3. Glyph of Revive Pet ( reduce pushback while reviving pet by 100%)


Hunters Mark > Serpent Sting > Petattack Macro > Primary Burst Macro > Arcanes untill no focus > Fervor >Arcanes until no focus> Cobra Macro > Arcanes >cobra macro......

WHen you have almost full focus,cast any at least 2 burst skills >arcanes until no focus >fervor/cobra macro >arcane again.....

Get full focus > use at least 2 burst skills >Killshot > killshots > arcanes...>killshots >arcanes

*use cobra macros or fervor whenever you have no focus*


1.Beastial Wrath (your pet gain 20% AP ,you gain 10% AP + all shots reduce focus cost by 50% for 10 seconds) EPIC!
2.Rapid fire (40% attack speed ,50% if you have glyph on for 15 seconds)
3.Agility Trinkets (1500-1600 agility for 20 seconds) brainer for burst!
4.Potion Of Tolvir ( 1200 Agility for 25 seconds)..ouch!
5.Synaps spring (ENGINEER ONLY )(480 agility for 20 seconds)

Primary Burst Macro( starting burst ) : Beastial wrath ,rapid fire and agility trinket in one button!!
Secondary Burst : any at least 2 of the five cds..

*ask your raid team when is the time for TW, heroism or Hysteria,use your burst on that moment and you will be chuck norris for a few seconds.



1.Always use CAT/spirit beast.Use wolf or devilsaur ONLY when there is another cat or a DK or a Warrior in the team.Cat buff give you 1600 AP!!!

2.Autocast all the your pet buff skills.Or you can macro Rabid and Call of the winds with primary burst macro.

3.Make sure growl is NOT AUTOCAST!,,you will screwing up aggro with that skill.=kick from raid

4. Autocast SPRINT and CHARGE!,make sure your pet reach your target BEFORE any burst or dps.!!

5.Pull your pet from AOE, boss or any adds.Use Survivor Macro!



1. Stack as much agility as possible .More agility ,more attack power(and DPS),so your pet get more AP(and DPS) too!
1.Stacking mastery = pet get more DPS
2. Stacking crit = you get more critical chances

Since BM hunters spec entirely rely on Agility,using some vicious gears in raids is not a big deal.At some points, vicious gears give lot more DPS/AP then normal T11 gears.

We dont need so haste since we don't use Aim shot in our rotation.

More agility will give more dps on your shots,more Crits on your shots and more dps on your pet!..So AGILITY IS THE MAIN STAT TO LOOK AT ON ALL GEARS..


1. A BURST TRINKET.Get any agility burst trinket,even PVP gladiator trinket is better than any haste proc trinket. Choices :
- Unresolve riddle (Baradin Warden exalted,125 comm,badge)
- Ruthless Badge trinket S10 (1650 Conquest points)
- Vici Badge trinket S10 (1650 Honor points)

2.CRIT procs trinket + stat agility
CHoices :
- Essence of cyclone (BOT 1st Boss)
- Grace of The Herald ( Blackrock cavern 2nd Boss)


1.Skewered eel (90 stamina 90 agility for 1 hour )Nyum!
2.Flask of the winds (permanent 300 Agility for 1 hour)
3.Potion of Tolvir ( amplify our burst to a new level:P)(1200 agility for 25 seconds!!)


Put it next to hunters mark or even bind it to Q button.Your pet must arrive at your target before starting any action or burst.


Cobra shots macro with focus fire .By doing this, your cobra shot will be most probably 0.2 seconds faster in most fight.

/cast focus fire
/cast cobra shot

A deadly opener for any battle.You will be the talk of recount for 15-20 seconds:P.In PVP,you can bring any class to half of their life in 4 seconds.

/cast beastial wrath
/cast rapid fire
/use 14
/cast rabid
/cast call of the wind

Kill Shot macro
This macro will make sure kill shot will be casted,no matter while you are casting cobra shot or even while reviving your pet.This macro will cancel every action and give out Kill shot on the spot!.Get the glyph of kill shot and you can spam this macro twice back to back!!

/cast kill shot

Use this when your pet health is nearly half,It will pull away your pet from aoe,reduce the damage taken by 40% for 6 seconds, and heal it!

/cast cower
/cast mend pet


1.Easiest way to get a lvl 85 cat is by taming it from Lost city of tolvir.A level 84 wolf can be tamed from twilight highland.

2. The lvl85 spirit beasts are Ghostcrawler(Vashjr), Ankha ( Hyjal) and Banthe"los (hyjal)
Each of them have special way to catch:
- Ghostcrawler : Appear invincible ( so use beast tracking)
- Anka : Deal on hit KO on armored players.SO must be naked!! while taming it.
- Banthe'los : Flies high and need to be agro carefully to bring it down.

3. Before getting any heroic T11 set,using 2 vicious gears is the best since it give us 150 more agility compare to 2 gears from normal t11.Recomended gears are vicous shoulder and legging.

4.vici bow/xbow /gun are the best range weapons before entering any raid.

please check out my BM HUNTER PVP GUIDE!!..thank you for reading!
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Re: BM HUNTER PVE revamped!

Postby Alette » 25 Apr 2013, 17:09

today when i skined for savage leather in TH, u taken me down so easily so maybe BM is not so bad as i expected.. i catched spirit beast what u have and will try this.. anyway, thanks for this guide :D

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Re: BM HUNTER PVE revamped!

Postby famri7 » 26 Apr 2013, 11:02

Alette wrote:today when i skined for savage leather in TH, u taken me down so easily so maybe BM is not so bad as i expected.. i catched spirit beast what u have and will try this.. anyway, thanks for this guide :D
omg man,im so damn sorry for interupting your skinning...i thought you wanna kill me so bad since a horde shaman just ganked on me before

yeah BM is not bad at should give it a try..the rotation is much easier and the burst is crazy.:p

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