Paladin summary 4.3.4.

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Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby Rivera » 27 Feb 2013, 20:34

Patch 4.3.4 summary: (sry colorless)

• Divine Protection can no longer be dispelled.
• Judgements are now useable while silenced.
• Righteous Fury now persists through death.
• Word of Glory now has a 20-second cooldown.
• Divine Light mana cost has been increased to 35% of base mana, up from 30%.
• Flash of Light mana cost has been increased to 31% of base mana, up from 27%.
• Guardian of Ancient Kings uses the new Assist pet stance functionality.
• Holy Light mana cost has been increased to 12% of base mana, up from 10%.
• Rebuke, Divine Shield and Divine Protection have new icons.
• Seal of Righteousness now can be activated by any melee ability, not just single target melee abilities. This adds Hammer of the Righteous (the physical component) and Divine Storm to the list of abilities that can activate this seal. In addition, Seal of Righteousness procs can now be critical effects.
• Holy Radiance now has a 3.0-second cast time, no cooldown, and requires a player target. That target is imbued with Holy Radiance, which heals them and all group members within 10 yards instantly, and continues to heal them by a smaller amount every 1 second for 3 seconds.
• Seal of Insight, when Judged, no longer returns 15% base mana to the paladin. Judging Seal of Insight still causes damage, and melee attacks will still restore 4% of base mana.
• Seal of Truth, when Judged, now benefits from a multiplier of 20% per stack of Censure, up from 10%.

• Talent Specializations

o Holy

 Aura Mastery: This ability no longer increases the benefit granted by Crusader Aura.
 Illuminated Healing shield duration is now 15 seconds, up from 8 seconds. In addition, Illuminated Healing has been increased to provide 1.5% effect per mastery, up from 1.25%.
 Walk in the Light (passive) removes the cooldown of Word of Glory.
 Beacon of Light can no longer be dispelled. In addition, it now transfers 100% of the heal from Holy Light, but still 50% of the heal from other spells.
 Denounce has been redesigned. It still reduces the mana cost of Exorcism. However, it no longer has a chance on Holy Shock of making Exorcism free and instant. Instead, it has a 50/100% chance to prevent the Exorcism target from causing critical effects for the next 6 seconds. This effect can be dispelled.
 Holy Shock mana cost has been decreased to 7% of base mana, down from 8%.
 Illuminated Healing (Mastery) has been adjusted slightly so that if a paladin refreshes an existing copy of his or her own Illuminated Healing on a target, the new absorption amount will be added into the old absorption amount and the duration will be reset. The total absorption created can never exceed 1/3 of the casting paladin's health.
 Infusion of Light can now lower the cast time of Flash of Light by 0.75/1.5 seconds, in addition to Holy Light and Divine Light. In addition, the old Denounce spell overlay effect has been transferred to Infusion of Light since Denounce is no longer a proc.
 Speed of Light now increases movement speed when Holy Radiance or Divine Protection are cast. In addition, this talent now reduces the cooldown of Holy Radiance by 13/26/40 seconds, up from 10/20/30.
 Walk in the Light now improves Word of Glory healing by 30%, in addition to its current effects.
 Clarity of Purpose now also reduces the cast time of Holy Radiance.
 Illuminated Healing (mastery) now also applies to Holy Radiance.
 Infusion of Light now applies its cast time reduction from Holy Shock critical effects to Holy Radiance, in addition to its current effects.
 In addition to providing haste, the effect from Judgements of the Pure now increases mana regeneration from Spirit by 10/20/30% for 60 seconds.
 Light of Dawn now affects 6 targets (base effect), up from 5.
 Paragon of Virtue now lowers the cooldown of Divine Protection by 15/30 seconds, up from 10/20 seconds.
 Speed of Light no longer triggers from Holy Radiance and no longer lowers the Holy Radiance cooldown. Speed of Light now only triggers from Divine Protection.
 Tower of Radiance, in addition to its current effects, now also causes Holy Radiance to always generate 1 charge of Holy Power at all times.
 Beacon of Light is triggered by Word of Glory, Holy Shock, Flash of Light, Divine Light and Light of Dawn at 50% transference and Holy Light at 100% transference. It does not transfer Holy Radiance, Protector of the Innocent or other sources of healing.
 Holy Radiance now costs 40% of base mana, up from 35%.

o Protection

 Divine Guardian cooldown is now 3 minutes, up from 2.
 Grand Crusader will now generate a charge of Holy Power if the Avenger Shield it procs is used within 6 seconds.
 Sacred Duty can now be activated by Avenger's Shield in addition to Judgements. The effect now lasts 10 seconds, down from 15.
 Ardent Defender has a new spell effect.
 Guarded By The Light no longer interacts with Holy Shield in any way.
 Hammer of the Righteous mana cost has been lowered to 10%, down from 12% to match Crusader Strike.
 Holy Shield has been redesigned. This talent is now an activated ability off the global cooldown. It grants 20% increased block amount to a paladin's shield blocks for 10 seconds, with a 30-second cooldown.
 Judgements of the Wise now procs on attempt rather than on strike, which means judgements that miss can still grant mana. This is to help ensure Protection paladins are not starved for mana if they aren't capped on hit rating.

o Retribution

 Divine Storm now generates 1 point of Holy Power if it deals damage to 4 or more targets.
 Sacred Shield's internal cooldown has been increased to 60 seconds, up from 30.
 Inquiry of Faith now increases Inquisition duration by 66/133/200%, up from 50/100/150%.
 The Seals of Command talent now makes Seal of Righteousness hit an unlimited number of melee targets, instead of only 2 additional targets.
 Selfless Healer can no longer be dispelled and cannot be stolen via Spellsteal; and, in addition to its current effects, it lowers the cooldown of Word of Glory by 5/10 seconds.
 Sanctified Retribution now increases the critical hit chance of Hammer of Wrath by 2/4/6%, down from 20/40/60%.
 Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (passive) now increases damage by 25%, up from 20%.
• Glyphs

o Glyph of Seal of Truth expertise bonus now also works when Seal of Righteousness is active.
o Glyph of Light of Dawn now lowers the number of targets to 4, instead of increasing targets to 6, but increases healing by 25%.

Paladin Bug Fixes

• Avenger's Shield can no longer be blocked.
• Casting Guardian of Ancient Kings no longer resets the auto-attack swing timer.
• The Holy version of Guardian of Ancient Kings will now more reliably heal targets at max range from the paladin.
• The Retribution version of Guardian of Ancient Kings now benefits from the paladin’s hit and expertise.
• Judgements of the Just debuff can no longer trigger talents and other effects.
• Seal of Truth: Fixed a tooltip error that stated swings at targets with Censure fully stacked dealt 9% weapon damage. They actually dealt 15% damage and the tooltip has been updated accordingly.

Paladin Known Issues

• The Retribution version of Guardian of Ancient Kings is easily distracted and will not always properly assist the paladin.

Tested :


• Holy

o Aura Mastery FS#5161
o Beacon of Light
o Cleanse

o Concentration Aura
o Consecration FS#5162
o Divine Favor
o Divine Light
o Divine Plea
o Exorcism
o Flash of Light
o Holy Light

o Holy Radiance FS#5164 fixed
o Holy Shock FS#5165

o Holy Wrath
o Lay on Hands
o Light of Dawn
o Meditation
o Redemptation
o Seal of Insight
o Turn Evil
o Walk in the Light
o Word of Glory

• Protection

o Ardent Defender

o Avenger´s Shield FS#5168
o Blessing of Kings
o Devotion Aura
o Divine Guardian
o Divine Protection
o Divine Shield
o Guardian of Ancient Kings

o Hammer of Justice FS#5296 fixed
o Hammer of the Righteous FS#5169 fixed
o Hand of Freedom
o Hand of Protection
o Hand of Reckoning

o Hand of Sacrifice FS#5170
o Hand of Salvation
o Holy Shield
o Resistance Aura
o Righteous Defense
o Righteous Fury

o Seal of Justice FS#5171
o Seal of Righteousness
o Shield of the Righteous
o Touched of the Light
o Vengeance

• Retribution

o Avengigng Wrath
o Blessing of Might
o Crusader Aura
o Crusader Strike

o Divine Storm FS#5173
o Hammer of Wrath

o Inquisition FS#5174
o Judgement - funkční, ale chtělo by to i s fukčním talentemm Judgements of the Pure (nejde)
o Judgement of the Bold
o Rebuke
o Repentance
o Retribution Aura

o Seal of Truth FS#5175
o Sheath of Light FS#5176 OK
o Templar´s Verdict
o Zealotry


• Holy:

o Arbiter of the Light
o Protector of the Innocent

o Judgements of the Pure FS#5186 not bug
o Clarity of Purpose
o Last Word
o Blazing Light
o Denounce

o Divine Favor
o Infusion of Light
o Daybreak

o Enlightened Judgements FS#5188
o Beacon of Light
o Speed of Light FS#5189 fixed
o Sacred Cleansing
o Conviction

o Aura Mastery FS#5161
o Paragon of Virtue
o Tower of Radiance FS#5190
o Blessed Life
o Light of Dawn

• Protection

o Divinity
o Seals of the Pure FS#5191
o Eternal Glory
o Judgements of the Just FS#5192
o Toughness
o Improved Hammer of Justice
o Hallowed Ground

o Sanctuary FS#5194
o Hammer of the Righteous
o Wrath of the Lightbringer FS#5195
o Reckoning
o Shield of the Righteous

o Grand Crusader FS#5241
o Vindication FS#5196
o Holy Shield
o Guarded by the Light
o Divine Guardian

o Sacred Duty FS#5197
o Shield of the Templar
o Ardent Defender

• Retribution

o Eye for an Eye
o Crusade
o Improved Judgement
o Guardian's Favor
o Rule of Law
o Pursuit of Justice
o Communion
o The Art of War
o Long Arm of the Law
o Divine Storm
o Sacred Shield

o Sanctity of Battle FS#5199 OK
o Seals of Command FS#5295
o Sanctified Wrath
o Selfless Healer
o Repentance

o Divine Purpose FS#5200
o Inquiry of Faith
o Acts of Sacrifice
o Zealotry


• Prime:

o Of Critical Strike
o Of Divine Favor

o Of Exorcism FS#5207
o Of Hammer of the Righteous FS#5210
o Of Holy Shock
o Of Judgement FS#5208
o Of Seal of Insight FS#5211 OK
o Of Seal of Truth
o Of Shield of the Righteous

o Of Templar ´s Verdict FS#5209
o Of Word of Glory

• Major:

o Of Ascetic Crusader
o Of Beacon of Light
o Of Cleansing
o Of Consecration
o Of Dazing Shield
o Of Divine Plea
o Of Divine Protection
o Of Divinity
o Of Focused Shield
o Of Hammer of Justice
o Of Hammer of Wrath

o Of Hand of Savation FS#5212
o Of Holy Wrath
o Of Lay on Hands
o Of Light of Dawn
o Of Long Word
o Of Rebuke
o Of Turn Evil

• Minor:

o of Blessing of Kings
o of Blessing of Might
o of Insight
o of Justice
o of Righteousness
o of Truth

Set bonusy:

• PvP Season 11:
o 2-set
o 4-set

• PvE:

o T11:
 2-set
 4-set FS#5328

o T12:
 2-set FS#5214
 4-set

o T13:
 2-set FS#5215
 4-set

Odhalené chyby 4.3.4:

• Dodge FS#5262 fixed

• Illuminated healing FS#5271 fixed

zelená - OK
žlutá - částečně špatně
červená - nefunkční
fialová - pozitivní bug
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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby Resto » 29 Mar 2013, 15:56

Holy Shield nefunguje stejně jako všechny + block rating bonusy.

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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby surrr7736 » 30 Mar 2013, 19:36

Zdravím, chtěl jsem na bugtracker nahlasit buglý talent u holy paladina [Denounce], ae nepodařilo se mi najít žádný odkaz nanej.. cely wowhead je jakýsi zpanděný a ani na old.wowhead mi to nechce nají to co hledám.

Talent má snižovat cenu many Exorcism o 38/75%.. tako část funguje.
Dále má dávat 50/100% šanci že target zasažený spellem Exorcism dostane debuff, který zredukuje čanci na udělení kritického zásahu na 6 sec. (nejsme si jistý jestli jen o úrčitá procenta nebo úplně na 0 pokud někdo ví doplňte mě).. ae v této části nefunguje:
1,Debuff se nenahazuje při použití Exorcism ae při použití Holy Shock.
2,Debuff se nenahazuje s šancí 100%(při 2 talent pointech), ae tak přibližně 75% (pouhý odhad při pozorování v BG na low lvl)
3,A hlavně.. debuff se ne vždy nahodí na soupeře, ae někdy na mě samotného a někdy na oba současně.

Takže bych vás chtěl poprosit jestli by jste to někdo nenahodil na bugtracker s příslušnými odkazy na taleny, spelly a jejich tooltipy. Nebo mi alespoň poradili na jákých stránkách mužu tyhle věci najít a hodím to na bugtracker sám. Díky.

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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby Artisan » 30 Mar 2013, 22:27

Toto vyvracia vsetko co popisujes, resp. funguje to teraz tak ako by malo ....

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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby surrr7736 » 31 Mar 2013, 08:29

Popis funkce talentu co jsi poslal se vůbec neshoduje s popisem toho co je u nás na ice.. podařilo se mi ho najít jen v talet calculatoru.. holy strom 3 od vrchu, uplně vlevo. Přesně tento popis máme u toho talentu u nás na ice a ten přesně sedí nato co popisuji.

A i kdyby byla chyba v tom že tady u nás ve hře máme špatný popis a spravně by tam mělo být to co jsi poslal ty, tak unás to tak stejně nefunguje.. nedává 50% šanci že po použití Holy Shock dostameme možnost instatního Exorcism, ae jak už jsem psal tak to poměm redukuje crit na 6 sec a redukci to občas nahodí i mě.. taže to určitě nafunguje tak jak by mělo.

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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby Artisan » 31 Mar 2013, 12:04

Mas pravdu ...
Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28):Redesigned. It still reduces the mana cost of [Exorcism]. However, it no longer has a chance on Holy Shock of making Exorcism free and instant. Instead, it has a 50/100% chance to prevent the Exorcism target from causing critical effects for the next 6 seconds. This effect can be dispelled.

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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby surrr7736 » 31 Mar 2013, 12:15

Bezva a ted ete kde budu moct sehnat nejaky ted odkaz na daný talent abych to mohl hodit na bugtracker.. nebo bude ztačit ten text co jsi ted poslal?

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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby Onsatko » 31 Mar 2013, 16:05

Glyph of Divinity FS#5514

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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby Temu » 03 Apr 2013, 16:47

chtel bych se zeptat, jestli se v dohledne dobe bude opravovat mastery u holy paladinu, protoze to je hodne OP bug do aren (a samzrejme i do PVE) ... y&sort=asc

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Re: Paladin summary 4.3.4.

Postby aggro » 30 Apr 2013, 17:28

Mozes prosim ta zmenit Beacon Of Light na Castecne Spatne? pretoze je bugnuty a to tym, ze dri perma combat. Nemam sajn cim je to sposobene, ale na 100% som si isty ze je to bugnute

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